Kirsy Segarra, Westfield State Women's Basketball

Kirsy Segarra, Westfield State Women's Basketball

Westfield State is known throughout Massachusetts for its criminal justice program. For Kirsy Segarra criminal justice and playing basketball were her main draws to the Western Massachusetts campus.

The senior from nearby Holyoke, Mass. didn't have to travel far to find her soon to be alma mater. Westfield State is only 15 miles away from the center of town. Not only was it the location and ability to continue her basketball career that made Westfield State an easy choice, but it was also word of mouth from alumni on how great the criminal justice program is that made her attend the college.

With the dream of being a cop after graduation, Segarra got a taste of life in the field as a Probation Officer for juveniles over the summer of 2016. While it wasn't exactly the job for her, the experience opened her eyes to the plight of youth in the area and how much one decision can affect you for the rest of your life. 

Although she may devote a lot of time to class and basketball, Segarra has a secret passion that many don't know about...cosmetology. Ever since she was in high school, she wanted to always get her nails, make-up and hair done. When in high school, she began testing her skills on friends and to do this day, her friends look to her as the girl for help. Hoping to open her own salon someday, Segarra gets a lot of pleasure knowing she helps her friends.

On the basketball court, Segarra has been a member of a very successful Owls women's basketball program. Over her first three seasons, the team has been MASCAC regular season champions three times and tournament champions in 2016 to earn a spot in the NCAA Tournament. During the 2015-16 season, Segarra averaged 10.5 points per game while tallying 77 steals, 34 assists and 63 rebounds. 

As graduation day creeps closer in May, Segarra knows how important the Division III experience has been for her. Whether it was the support from the staff or faculty, she always felt that Westfield State was home. It also helped her to appreciate the little things and to take any opportunity that is given.