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The Howard C. Smith Cup is named in honor of former Massachusetts State College Trustee Smith, who in 1970, urged the athletic directors of the eight State Colleges to hold a series of meetings to discuss the possibility of forming an intercollegiate conference. In June of 1971, Smith’s dream became a reality as an affirmative agreement was reached and the MASCAC was created.

During the MASCAC’s first year of existence, the eight member Colleges voted to award a Cup annually to the one institution which excelled in the league’s eight championship sports. Thus, the Howard C. Smith Cup was established.

The Smith Cup, which was updated in the summer of 2007, is awarded to the MASCAC institution which compiles the most points based on the placement of each of its programs competing in the 15 league championships.

Since it was first awarded in 1972, Bridgewater State and Westfield State have now won outright or shared the Smith Cup 15 and 14 times,respectively. Salem State has won or shared 19 of the 42 Smith Cups. 

All-Time Howard C. Smith Cup Champions

2018-2019 Bridgewater State    
2017-2018 Westfield State    
2016-2017 Westfield State    
2015-2016 Westfield State    
2014-2015 Westfield State    
2013-2014 Bridgewater State 1992-1993 Salem State
2012-2013 Bridgewater State 1991-1992 Salem State
2011-2012 Bridgewater State 1990-1991 Salem State
2010-2011 Westfield State 1989-1990 Salem State 
2009-2010 Westfield State 1988-1989 Salem State 
2008-2009 Bridgewater State  1987-1988 Salem State
2007-2008 Westfield State 1986-1987 North Adams State
2006-2007 Westfield State 1985-1986 Bridgewater State
2005-2006 Bridgewater State 1984-1985 Salem State
2004-2005 Bridgewater, Worcester  1983-1984 Salem State
2003-2004 Bridgewater State 1982-1983 Salem State
2002-2003 Bridgewater State 1981-1982 Salem State
2001-2002 Westfield State 1980-1981 Salem State
2000-2001 Bridgewater State 1979-1980 Salem State
1999-2000 Bridgewater State 1978-1979 Salem State
1998-1999 Salem State 1977-1978 Westfield State
1997-1998 Bridgewater, Westfield  1976-1977 Westfield State
1996-1997 Salem State  1975-1976 Salem State
1995-1996 Bridgewater, Salem  1974-1975 Westfield State
1994-1995 Bridgewater State  1973-1974 Salem State
1993-1994 Salem State 1972-1973 Westfield State